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The 3 elements of email personalisation ensured by Mailercloud

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How to personalise
your emails?

Inserting personalised text

Add personal details of your customers like company name or hometown to make them feel special. It will make your subscriber feel that the email was sent just for them.


Personalising your sending time

Send your emails at the right time in your subscriber’s time zone. You can send them during convenient hours across time zones all over the world.



Create new and unique segments to personalise your messaging. Mentioning specific facts relevant to your subscriber in a segment increases the customers’ fondness and bond for your product.


Automating your personal emails

Create and automate personal emails. These emails can be of various types. They can be a welcome series, personal reminders, calendar campaigns, sophisticated re-engagement emails and even birthday greetings based on your customers’ behaviour pattern.

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Send humane emails

Deliver fully personalised emails by adding a personal touch, creating segments
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